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  elevator parts
   YASKAWA Inverter
   Elevator Push Button/COP/LOP
   Wire Rope/8*19s+FC/6*19s+FC
   Elevator Guide Pulley
   Elevator Guide Rail
   Elevator Guide Shoe
   WECO Light Curtain
   Door operator and Landing door
   Elevator Cable
   Gear Motor/Traction Machine
   Speed Governor
   Elevator Safety Gear
   Oil Buffer/Rope Brake
Address:Taixing ,Yuewang Shaxi Town,Taicang City, Suzhou ,
Jiangsu Pro. China.
Attn:Cecily Xi
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Suzhou Naike Elevator Spare Parts Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supply of several kinds of elevator parts in China.The company locating in Suzhou, Taicang city,where is a land flowing with milk and honey.it has 8,600 square meters of construction area,a green area of over 5,000 square meters and a beautiful enviroment which is hailed as the garden factory.The Sukuntai super-highway and the Shanghai A12 super-highway Taicang are so closed to make a very good location and convenient traffic.
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