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Elevator Round Cable(2)/elevator cable/flat cable/cable

A   Construction:

      Pls find the pictures above.

B  Introduction:

  Insulation and Sheath :PVC insulation, PVC sheath;

  Rated Voltage: 300V/500V;

  Static Flexibility test :0.3m<L<0.6m;

  Burning vertically test: GB/T 18380.11-2008, IEC 60332-1:2004test passed;

  Product standard: GB/T 5023.6, IEC 60227-6,EN 50214.

C  Guide to use:

  Used under the normal conditions, the temperature of conductor is at lower than 70;

  Cable are suitable for ambient temperature between -15 to 40;

  Cable are recommended for installations where the suspended length doesn’t exceed 80m; and the speed of travel doesn’t exceed 4m/s.

D  Cable scope:


Nominal cross-sectional area

Number of cores

0.75 or 1



Note: Our company can manufacture the cable apart from the above table according to the customers’ request.

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